Host static websites with Gitnet Pages!
It's quick, easy, free & fast - just put your project's homepage, blog or web experiment into a Git repository at Gitnet, and we'll do the rest.
1. Set up your repository

Create a public repository named pages to make the site available at the main subdomain.

You can also create a branch pages in an existing repository:

git switch --orphan pages
# In case if ignored files exist
git rm --cached -r .

2. Upload your files

Push your static content, HTML, style, fonts, images or anything else.

3. You're done!

Access your new website using this link:[/REPOSITORY][/@BRANCH]
How to use a custom domain?

To use a custom domain, create a file .domains in your repository with the domain name you wish to use. Then, add a DNS record for that domain:

CNAME [[branch.]repo.]

For apex domains where CNAME doesn't work:

TXT [[branch.]repo.]

If ALIAS isn't supported:

TXT [[branch.]repo.]